Tropical Temptations - About Us
Tropical Temptations  - "Taste the Aloha"
Our business is growing  because of peoples' love and understanding of pure, natural goodness.  As visitors to the Hawaiian islands we would bring home these wonderful gifts of Pure 100% Kona Coffee, Maui Gold Natural Cane Sugar and other tropical temptations.

While sharing with friends they'd ask us, "How can we get more?" and so it began...
100% KONA coffee is grown without synthetic fertilizers and is pesticide free.  It is the least acidic coffee grown in the world!  This means no bitter aftertaste, no upset in your tummy...only a totally pleasant taste.  You'll find this to be a rich tasting coffee with a slight hint of chocolate, velvety smooth and good anytime of day.   Our Kona coffee also makes the most delicious Iced Coffee too!  Put it in the fridge or throw some  ice cubes in it and add your favourite flavourings.. No waste with this coffee, you can also take the used grinds and add them to your house plants or outside plants.
What gives this coffee its uniqueness is the fact that it's grown at an elevation of 1200 feet above the Pacific ocean in exactly the right micro climate conditions. It's grown in volcanic soil and is fed only the rainwater that falls daily in the region. 
Our 100% Kona coffee receives a daily dose of Hawaiian sunshine and enough afternoon cloud to keep the growing climate just so! Each tree is pruned by hand to keep it manageable and open to the Hawaiian sunlight.
Each and every "cherry" is picked by hand only when ripe!
Our 100% KONA coffee and all of the other wonderfully, pure and natural products we bring to you are from small Hawaiian farmers. 
One Source, natural and sustainable farming practised. 
We spend time working at the farm each year to help keep our costs down and to experience first hand what goes into the production of these foods that benefit us all. 
We strongly promote the "buy local" attitude.  Although, the Hawaiian islands may not be what we think of as local, we believe it to be equally important to support these small farming communities.

Can you imagine, life without REAL coffee and REAL sugar?
We enjoy, bringing our 100% pure Kona Coffee and Maui Gold to markets and festivals.  See our Events page . People love our KONA Coffee. 
"I think the Kona coffee has a richer flavor than any other, be it grown where it may and call it by what name you please."
-Mark Twain.1866
 Simply perfect!