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Tropical Temptations  - "Taste the Aloha"
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Aloha Spices are island grown and certified ORGANIC!  The blends we sell are the perfect compliment to your meals. Our most popular products are shown below.
Available in Organic certified; Chicken and Pork Seasoning, Prime Beef Seasoning, Tutu's All Purpose Seasoning and Hawaiian Barbeque Seasoning. These fragrant,freshly made seasonings contain ingredients uniquely unlike those commonly found in supermarkets.  Most contain the delicate Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt.
These very fragrant Organic seasonings come directly to us from Hanapepe, Kauai.  Boasting the most uniquely blended spices to enhance all of your favourite dishes.  Each of our Aloha Spice Seasonings has its own blend of island grown organics  (Organic Nori(seaweed), Organic dehydrated Lemon or Orange Peel, Organic Dehydrated Vegetables, Organic Garlic,Organic Red Bell Pepper, Organic Sesame, Natural Smoke and others). Aloha Spice Seasonings have the red Hawaiian  Sea Salt (Sea Salt & 'Alaea Hawaiian Red Clay), very beneficial to good health. 

we also feature, gourmet natural cane finishing sugar
-island grown vanilla infused
-island grown likikoi infused
and island grown hibiscus infused                                   
Organic Aloha Lu'au BBQ Seasoning & Rub
Organic Aloha Prime Steak Seasoning & Rub
Organic Aloha Chicken & Pork Seasoning & Rub (also great on fish)
Tutu's Organic All Purpose Seasoning  
Tutu's Organic All Purpose Seasoning/no SALT         
Organic Aloha  Sea Salts
Kiawe Smoked Garlic
Pele's Fire
Black Lava
Smoked Guava Lime
Red Alaea
We also carry the Aloha Spice Company Cookbook,  wonderful recipes that include many uses for
Organic Aloha Seasonings and Rubs
only $8.95