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Tropical Temptations  - "Taste the Aloha"
At Tropical Temptations, we have the finest 100% Kona Coffee grown!
 1 lb. bag of 100% Pure Kona Estate* coffee is roasted
and packaged while still warm and shipped to us
the very same day!  This ensures maximum freshness

 Our coffee is always fresh.  It's roasted, packaged and fedex'd to us all in the same day!  That means you have it within 3-5 days from the roast....can't beat that!
Each 1 lb. bag will bring you aproximately 100 cups of pure,
 delicious coffee that will have you greeting your day with a mmmm and a smile
*Estate Grade,  This is the Fancy grade. Estate is a large bean
with a mild flavour which is full bodied and smooth tasting with a rich aroma. 
 An exceptional value!
This is 100% PURE KONA COFFEE, we do not sell blends
We bring you the "best of the best" 
from the Hawaiian Islands
No big corporate stuff here! 
 The products are prepared as ordered
                   and a whole lot of "aloha"goes into them!                               So many delicious goodies to be had that's for sure  The ones we present to you are complete and total goodness!
  • Kona Kay's Macadamia Nut Brittle
  • Nana's Bananas
  • Hamakua Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts
  • Organic Aloha Spices & Sea Salts
  • 100% Pure Hawaiian KONA Coffee
  • Maui Gold Natural Cane Sugar
  • Donkey Balls, Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts