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Tropical Temptations  - "Taste the Aloha"
If ordering Aloha Seasonings or Sea Salts please specify your selection. . We will contact you shortly to process payment either by Telephone or Email. . Please remember to leave us your contact information, Thank you.
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100% Kona Estate Coffee 1lb.bag
100% Kona Estate Coffee 1/2 lb. Bag
100% Kona Coffee Potfull of Aloha 2oz.bag
100% KONA Estate Peaberry Coffee 1 lb. Bag
Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts- Lightly Salted 10oz
Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts- UnSalted
Maui Gold Natural Cane Sugar 1lb. Bag
Organic Aloha Seasoning, please specify type
Organic Aloha Sea Salts, please specify type
Donkey Balls, Milk Chocolate
Donkey Balls, Dark Chocolate
Donkey Balls, Snowflake
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