Tropical Temptations - Product Pricing
Tropical Temptations  - "Taste the Aloha"

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16 oz. of Dark or Medium Estate Reserve                      $68.00   
 -brews aprx. 100 cups
8 oz. bag of Dark or Medium Estate Reserve                  $35.00 
  -brews aprx. 50 cups
also available is our 2oz. "potful of aloha"                                    $10.00
makes a 10-12 cup pot of coffee. 
 100% Kona Peaberry Estate available in limited amounts
 please allow 2 weeks for delivery                 1lb.                            $85.00
 we only sell,  Certified 100% Pure KONA Coffee.
 1 lb. Maui Gold Natural Cane Sugar                                     $12.00   
10 oz- Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts Available in,  

-Lightly Salted
Other flavours available by special order.                                                                      $21.00
 Donkey Balls,
The original donkey ball from Kona, these are huge! 
whole Macadamia Nuts covered with Guitard Premium Chocolate. available in
Milk Chocolate, 
Dark Chocolate  and  
Holiday Snowflake- Milk & White Chocolate with Hawaiian Coconut                                                                                                                             $14.95 bag                                                                
  • Organic Aloha Spice , please specify seasoning      $9.95
  • -Chicken & Pork
  • -Prime Steak
  • -All Purpose
  • -All Purpose No Salt
  • -Tutu's Luau BBQ
  • -Seafood
   Organic Sea Salts from Aloha Spice                                    $9.95
     -Kiawe Smoked Garlic
     -Pele's Fire (hot)
     -Smoked Guava Lime
     -Black Lava
     -Red Alaea                                                                        

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